Royal Crown E Cigs Review


Royal Crown E Cigs are a much less harmful means to satisfy the craving to smoke. These are electronic cigarettes which cut almost all the health risks associated with smoking the usual tobacco cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes have the same looks as that of tobacco cigarettes and make you feel the same way as those do. Besides being an alternative to tobacco smoking, electronic cigarettes are becoming a style statement as well.

What are these?

These are an excellent alternative to the tobacco cigarettes, being far less harmful and addictive. Moreover, there is no restriction on the places to smoke these cigarettes. Be it at the airport, inside an airplane, restaurants, cafe, cruise ships, hotels, nightclubs or bars, you can smoke these cigarettes anywhere as it is not going to affect the people around you.

How Royal Crown Electronic Cigarettes Work?

This comprises of a starter kit which includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery, a designer box, travel case, USB charger, 5 flavored cartridges and an instruction manual. These electronic cigarettes create mist instead of smoke, which is inhaled and exhaled by the smokers. The mist is created by vaporizing the e-liquid through a heating element. The e-liquid is usually a mixture of nicotine, propylene glycol and flavoring agents.


  • Contains less harmful ingredients when compared to tobacco cigarettes

  • Does not give bad breath

  • Does not cause yellowing of teeth

  • Less likely to cause respiratory problems

  • Does not have odor

  • Reasonable in terms of money


  • Does not curb the temptation to smoke because it still contains nicotine

  • Need to be charged again and again

Other People Opinion

Paul Patson – I am a chain smoker! I tried to quit but I could not resist the temptation! I read about Royal Crown E Cigs online. After knowing that they are free from tobacco, I started using those instead. With e-cigarettes the risk to my health is considerably low.

Layla Boston – Smoking is on of the bad habits I am addicted to. While I was smoking tobacco cigarettes, I had to be conscious about the place where I smoke to avoid the possibility of fine. With these cigarettes, there is no such need. I can smoke these anywhere, be it at home or at work!

Why use these?

Though we do not promote smoking in any way, yet for those hard core smokers, switching to Electronic Cigarettes can prove real helper. This is because there is no smoke included and this can lessen the damage to people around you as well.

Side Effects?

You already know smoking is harmful so, try and quit the habit before you land up in real bad health problem. If we talk about Royal Crown E Cigs, note that they are safer to be used and does not give any harmful effect just like tobacco ones.

Where to Buy?

Royal Crown E Cigs can be ordered for a trial by paying $4.95. You have 14 days for trial. If you give no response till 14 days, it will imply that you are satisfied with these e-cigarettes, and the order will get processed, costing you $109.67.